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Owned and operated by Don Nelson, Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Craig Moeller

    Hello – I saw the Fleming Project you did where you installed a custom-designed modified spiral staircase fit into a 48″ by 53″ floor opening. I am looking to install a staircase in my house with a very similar size opening. Would you by chance have any plans or dimensional drawings from when you installed these? I’m looking for a low cost option, so will most likely have a carpet and painted end product. Any help you have would be extremely helpful! Thanks – Craig

  2. Hi Don, I am faced with creating a staircase just like your Fleming project. In fact homeowner was the one who showed me pictures of it. My questions have to do with fastening techniques with,i.e. stringers, handrail, and connections with the center support post.I believe in hidden fasteners so as not to diminish the beauty of the finished project. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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